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Castellum Publicus


"CASTELLUM publicus" is a project of international cooperation between the Czech Republic, Spain and Turkey, supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig. The Lifelong Learning program supports the active involvement, gaining experience and adult education.

Project "CASTELLUM publicus" focuses on the historical heritage, monuments and their protection and education in this area. During the project underway and international meetings will also be organized local activities for the public. The project provides training and exchange of experience in the involvement and motivation of adults to continue their education through heritage.

The Czech Republic is represented in the project NGO 4Fulnek os from Fulnek that allows adults to participate in mezinárodmím meeting in Turkey and will develop activities directly in Fulnek. Already at the beginning of April Fulnek naštíví international group of participants from Spain and Turkey, who will work together on the project topic, identifying Fulnek and exchange experiences.

Partner organizations are engaged in activities in the field of motivation and involvement of local adults in the project and international meetings, and raise awareness of historical heritage, educational opportunities in the values of cultural and historical heritage of the place where they live, international cooperation and exchange of experience.

During the project will be organized local and international activities and there is also an interesting guide summarizing overview of activities in different locations of the project and opportunities for further education.

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